Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I almost died today...

Tomorrow I will give my last presentation and turn in my last paper of my bachelors degree requirements.
I will be finished.
The end.
That's all folks.

However, today I almost died.

This is no joke. I actually saw my death happen, it was frightening. True that it was frightening to realize that the idiot that nearly took my life is likely driving without car insurance and I without medical insurance would be in a spot.

You may know this intersection, but would it matter if you don't? I doubt it, left turns are left turns no matter where your wheels wander. So I had a green light, but no arrow and was turning left from George Busbee onto west bound Wade Green. The man across from me also had a green light, no arrow, but was also turning left, also onto Wade Green, but east bound. We knew what each other was doing because we used our turn signals. I proceeded to turn left, as did the old man across from me and all was fine, until I saw from my peripheral vision that I was about to die. There was a car coming toward my left side, running a red light to turn left into the same road the old man had just turned from. It was horrible, I have no idea how he did not run directly into me and if he had, he would have hit the drivers side without a doubt. There was a lot of wheel screeching, breaking, and swerving. None of that good on my heart or my poor falling apart Kia.

Here, this will help you understand:

The idiot was driving a late model (circa 1980) 4-door Cadillac-ish vehicle, maybe a Broughman. Dark, with tented windows. Like this one:

Can you imagine that beast running a red light at I predict at least 40 mph smashing into your car? Many broken bones for sure. It would really have ticked me off if I missed walking in my commencement ceremony because I was fighting for my life in the ICU!

Do you know that the average driver will experience a "near automobile accident" once or twice a month? Or that the average driver will likely be involved in an automobile accident about every six months.

Lucky for you, if I had died you might be able to buy some of my things here:

I have some really nice things!


Jodi said...

So glad you didn't die! That would have been horrible...congrats on your graduation!

Sara said...

Hahahaha! I like the light-hearted humor at the end! :)

I'm glad you're still alive!

Nicole said...

you do have some really nice things! LOL! :) Glad you are ok!!! Love ya!

Supershepherds said...

leave it to you to turn a near fatality into hilarity. Okay, maybe not hilarity, but I did chuckly. I'm glad you're okay and not missing your commencement walk.

The Sixth Sister said...

OH NO! Im so glad your ok. I really did NOT want to be making food for a wake instead of a graduation party.