Saturday, October 31, 2009

An update...or three or four!

This girl can not catch a break. I seriously need someone to come be me for a few days to help me catch up. Any volunteers?

There must be a million things I have thought I should blog, but if I'm not right in front of my computer it gets put on the back burner. And I have a 278 burner stove top going on these days, so by "back burner", I really mean, BACK BURNER! Time to play catch up.

*** Wild Wednesday with Aunt Kelly & Charley ***

Last week the girls and I went to Aunt Kelly's again and this time she had a surprise waiting for us:
Chocolate Dipping & Sprinkling Rice Crispy Treats!

Then we played outside on the deck:

This last Wednesday, with runny noses and tired girls (read...tired Aunt), we decided to stay at my place and just chillax. No fun treats and no photos, just a calm-ish night.

***Neil's Lake***

A few weeks ago I went on a drive up to Cartersville in search of old books for Kelly's redecorating project. I made a turn onto an unassuming road and came across Neil's Lake. It was so quaint and refreshing, I was excited I had my camera with me. The whole scene had me imaging it could be seen from a second story room lined with windows and a great old typewriter where I could write stories to fill my library.

***Graduation Heels***

With graduation fast approaching I have had new shoes on the brain. I figured I could buy a new dress, but why bother...the robe will just cover it up. And since I love shoes more than, well, most any other piece of clothing, that only seems logical.

The challenge was of course to find shoes that worked with the entire outfit:

Black robe | Red & White honor cords | Gold KSU sash | Yellow/gold lei

Well today I was lucky, my friend Lolo asked me to go to the mall with her. She needed a Seminoles t-shirt to complete her costume (FSU fan) for Halloween. When we pasted Shi, we decided we had to look and see if they had MY graduation shoes. And guess what? They did!

Aren't they gorgeous! They are a little high, but they are stunning! And hello...they will look outrageous with the entire outfit! Don't you think?! ...44 days and counting!

***Halloween 2009***

Tonight is Halloween and the candy has been waiting for goblins and ghosts since 5 p.m.

...and it is raining. Again. It is also game 3 of the World Series. With all of those factors and two tests on Monday, staying in was just the only option.

Rain has delayed game 3, so I enjoyed a Halloween worthy movie, Coraline. I have had 2 trick-or-treaters, they were cute, although I couldn't tell you what they were dressed up as. I gave them a lot of candy. Matter of fact, the little girl wanted to get her own and reached right into the witches trousers! Super cute.

Happy Halloween!

Coraline is now over and just in time for the game to get started. Now I guess I better get busy on my note cards for my Theory test. How I can't wait for school to be over.


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Landlocked Shores said...

The girls look like they had a blast...LOVE the shoes! I could so not wear heals like that AND I forgot I have Coraline!! LOVE that movie!
Loves - Nicki