Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wired & Weary Wednesdays

It's that time again...WIRED & WACKY WEDNESDAY!

All the girls were sick last week and Claire was even more sick over the weekend so I knew this afternoon was going to be tough. I was right...Claire threw up within 10 minutes of Jamiee leaving the apartment. And then she continued to cry every time I left the room, put her down, or did ANYTHING without her.

Regardless, we still managed to watch our Wednesday movie:
And by "we managed to watch our Wednesday movie..." I mean "the girls managed to watch their Wednesday movie..."

I had just hit play when Claire got sick. By the time I joined the girls again it was slightly past 4 p.m. and Abbi turned to me and said "Are you going to start dinner now?" They had just finished snacking on gold fish but she was very clear "I'm hungry now."

It just dawned on me that I might need to skip the snack and have dinner ready sooner, since I had to encourage Miss Jenna to finish all of her waffle tonight.

We did enjoy our (fresh) blueberry waffles with strawberries & dream whip and sausage!

we cleaned our plates!
And we made owls! OK, Aunt Kathy made (the very challenging and not easy to assemble) owls and the girls colored them.

Claire only wanted to eat and tear up the owls...she got upset when I kept pulling her away.
Next time I guess I'll just give her her own paper plate.
You have to admit...those are pretty darn cute owls.
directions on making your own HERE.
Does anyone want to come over around 4 p.m. on Wednesdays? I will feed you!
I was not meant to be a single parent...I knew the plan made sense, but now I FEEL how the plan makes sense! Dinner time is the worst, there is not enough of me to go around.

And all was well by the time Jamiee came back to pick up the girls. Aside from a monstrous hooting scene when she showed up and a fight to be the first to get the bag of cookies, I'd say we all survived unscathed. Poor little Claire, I hope she gets to feeling better soon!

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Jamiee said...

Oh, I am sorry that it was so bad for you yesterday! :( I know my children are crazy sometimes. Claire is better today with the help of magical Tylenol, I will make sure to pack that for next week just in case.. :)