Tuesday, September 22, 2009

rain, flooding, and school

Yeah so...hate that we had so much rain. So far the total life loss count is 8 and I know of at least one still missing. My heart aches for those families, I hate to imagine the pain they are going through.

On the bright side, class are out again tomorrow! I know it's going to be rough trying to catch up in class, but I'm enjoying this time for MY catch up.

I have been out of bread for a few days now and I finally had time to throw together a batch tonight. It's rising in the oven right now...my apartment already smells so yummy.

I even had time to clean out the fridge today while Charley slept. Now I just need to take my garbage out. Maybe after Biggest Looser is over. I better hurry though...Discovery channel played the entire season of The Colony today in anticipation of the season finale tonight and I MUST WATCH IT!

I better go...I'm sure I need to put in a load of laundry or something!

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