Monday, September 28, 2009

i got noth'n

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to think of something exciting to blog about. Truth is, I got noth'n. It's sad.

I could tell you I got a perfect score on my reference paper for Communication Theory (I worked really hard on it and so far I don't know anyone else that got a perfect score). But I am bored of telling you about school. [so very bored with school...I want my life back!] And besides, if I told you about that perfect score, then I would have to tell you that I only got an 84 on the exam I took in the same class this morning. I also worked very hard and studied like a true college student...but obviously I need to reassess.

[Catching on to the mouse/cookie, moose/muffin routine I've got going on here?] And undoubtedly, if I tell you about those grades, I will have to tell you about the test I took tonight. And since I am sure I bombed it (absolutely) chances are good I do not want to share THAT grade.

The worst part about that class (Persuasion) is that there are grammatical mistakes in the documents from our professor. And not just an honest mistake of one simple error, we are talking A LOT of mistakes...on her Power Point presentations and even on the test. That is bad. I felt like correcting them as I went through the test, but I think she doesn't like me to begin with...there is a small chance that would only irritate her more.

Because no one likes a post without a photo (hint) next I am going to talk about Charley. I know, I talk about her (and my other littles) a lot, but oh yeah, this is my blog.

Carrying on...

This past Saturday I watched Charley while Kelly was at work and Justin was out of town. We have had so much rain (as you may have heard) that it was the muggiest day on the planet here in Georgia. You just don't know humidity until you know a day like that in Georgia.

Kelly and I had been talking about taking Charley's 1-year-old photos, but with all the bad weather and so much else going on we hadn't had the chance. But when I got to Kelly's on Saturday Charley was dressed in my favorite little skirt outfit and I was super thrilled I had stashed my camera in my bag. I knew it would be hard to wrangle Charley without anyone there to help, but she did great! Here are a few of my favorites:

OK, well that just about does it. I think it's best to end this post on a high note and that is definitely photos of Charley.

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Landlocked Shores said...

I LOVE these photos... great job! Kelly just sent me a few of them in the mail... well they were from Charley. I haven't scrap-booked in ages and these make me want to again!