Friday, August 14, 2009

my little's + 1 (dia uno!)

I was lucky enough to spend three days with 3 of my littles (+ 1 neighbor) for a few days this week. We had a good time and tried to stay occupied and out of the house so we wouldn't drive each other crazy. We spent THREE HOURS at the library on Monday without even blinking an eye. And if it weren't for our tummies yelling at us, we probably would have stayed a bit longer.

We had planned ahead and packed a lunch and even though we were in the shade at a pavilion at the park, the heat and flies were enough to encourage the scarfing of sandwiches and rushing to play on the toys.

We didn't even last on the toys but for just a few minutes, it was just too hot! We did manage to stop by some fun trees and pose for the paparazzi before we jetted for home for some much needed quiet time.

Here are just a few of the fun shots from that day:

Mads watching the ducks below. Next time we need to remember the bread.
The best smile I could get from T.
The Gang on the Teeter Totter.
Don't let the look of that thing fool is a giant among tiny teeters!
They should call is The Speed Monster!
I braved the center island to take a few shots.
Mads & T
Han & Ri...the sun was a SO bright!
I love this pic...caught T off guard, but got a GQ smile out of him.
And I know the color is a little weird because he was sitting in a yellow tube, but I rather like it.
I know he has teeth...I've seen them.
Ri was hiding under the jungle gym in the shade.
Han fit right in like she was born into the family...posed for pictures without being asked!'s hard to smile when the sun makes it difficult to open your eyes.
Han was set on getting her pic taken while climbing this her flip flops!
That's as far as she mad it.
The Littles loved this tree. They called it, The Tree of Life.
We would have gotten a lot cooler pictures if The Tree of Life hadn't been covered in ants & bugs.

The park we were at is quite large and has a walking trail around the perimeter so there are a lot of big open spaces.
I told the Littles to walk out onto the hill.
I love, love, love these next pictures!
(Han was busy talking to me while they were walking so they waited for her to catch up.)

Not quite sure what Han was going for here.
Pretty Ri.
Not long after I bought my Nikon the Littles figured out that my camera is fancy enough to catch them mid the air!
Since then, the minute I get it out it's always a jumping contest. It got to the point that we don't look at the pictures until they are downloaded onto the computer. It's funny to see what we come up with in the end.
They found this cement stump of sorts and we managed to get some really great jumping shots.
Here are my favorites:

I shot this one while I was sitting on the ground after taking the jumping shots.
I love how the blue sky and super white clouds frame her face.
Aah, a kiss for you aunt! Thanks T.

OK. That's all for day one. Day two & three are on the way.

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