Friday, August 14, 2009

my little's + 1 (dia tres!)

Day three was a little hard. I had already promised them a (HUGE) surprise in the afternoon, but we were all a little impatient and it being Wednesday we were already struggling to stay entertained.

In the morning we ventured to the library again to return some of our books and stock up on movies. Who needs Blockbuster when the library has them for FREE!

So...on to the surprise. The day before, when I forced them to stay in my teeny tiny living room and watch Harry Potter, I was busy searching the Internet for something...ANYTHING! to do the following day. I tried with all my might to find a pick your own farm that still had fruit of some luck! ugh. And it is so hot outside I couldn't stomach another park, no matter how nifty the toys are. That's when I had the idea for this fun fill 2 hours of excitement: The South Cobb Aquatics Center! It's not just a's kid heaven!

You should have seen their faces when they saw the water was so freaking exciting! I thought they were going to jump out of their skin. Seriously.

The open swim was only for 2 hours, but that's all we needed because we were pretty worn out after a zillion zips down the super fast water slide, dozens of crazy rounds about the lazy river, more jumps off the diving board than could be scored by the judge (me) and taking over as lead H2O engineer at Water Town! It was awesome!

Even I took a few spins on the slide and let me tell was great! I spent most of my time on the lazy river, it was just a little tiny river, but it was nice and that was fine by me. I trusted the life guards, but I could also see the Little's from there too, which made me feel better. And after a few zips down the slide they would come rest in the river too. It really was a lot of fun for 2 hours and for $2/child & $3/adult...I thought it was a great way to spend our time and money.

Well, that's the end of day three...and the end of my three days with my Little's + 1.

love you guys!

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