Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July DQ Dip Cone

This morning I didn't get out of bed until 11 a.m. I had hoped to get up earlier and make it out for a parade, but nope.

After a healthy bowl of cereal that tasted like cardboard I decided I couldn't stay in this apartment one moment longer. I don't know much about depression, but no job leaves me staring at these dingy walls way too much, even with the break for school in the mornings I just couldn't do it today. Problem, nowhere to go and no money to spend. Oh well...I'm outta here.

I decided I would run by the bank (make a deposit and get my allowance for the day...$20) and head north on 41 until I found a DQ and then head back down south. I realized I couldn't just drive north till dark because that's a waste of gas/money and I do have a lot to do at home (yes, dingy gross, but in need of attention, home).

Off I went into the wild blue yonder. Other than just "drive north" I would stop at any garage sales/thrift store type places that caught my eye. I didn't expect much since it's the 4th, but that's even better for my budget. I did have a prize in mind, a present for Levi, but I can't seem to find it! So frustrating.

Anyway...I found my DQ so I stopped in for a dipped cone...mmmm. This is what I got:

That's the sorriest dipped cone I have ever seen.
It reminded me of a certain torch, don't you think?

Even though I found my DQ, I decided since I had not yet stopped anywhere and was Jones'n for some junk I had to keep going. At this point I was on the north side of Cartersville, and just as I got across the city line I saw what some might call a garage sale and others might call a cry for help. I stopped because I saw some stuff out front, but after further inspection and seeing no price tags, I decided to jump back in the Kia and keep going. She had this cute little desk that I thought I could clean up for Charley for her birthday, but I didn't like it enough to ask how much it cost. (It turned out to be $10 w/2 semi-matching chairs...I might have to consider going back, but we'll see.)

Back in the Kia, I stopped at what looked like a fun "shop" but it was closed. I decided at this point I needed to just head south and get back home. I came upon the cry for help again and decided to stop again and venture deeper into the abyss.

Digging around in her stash I found a bread machine that I really wanted, but after my REAL find I had to give it up to stay in budget. SO worth it. After all, I own bread pans, right?

Anyway, I met Deedee and we became fast friends as she talked my ear off about all the great stuff she has. Honestly, she really did have some great stuff. If I had room for anything else in my dingy apartment I would have struck gold with the old military boxes she was selling for $10/each. They are wood with a lid and really just perfect for a table or whatever you can dream up.

So...what is my REAL find you ask? Well, this is how this went down. We were out in her back yard and she was showing me the other military boxes (I really like them). She mentioned that she has been working in her yard a lot in the last few weeks to get things ready but that she still has a shed full of things to go through.
This sparked my interest so I ask: "Do you have any chairs?"
Deedee "What sort of chair?"
Me: "A roundish padded back with a padded seat, arms or no arms."
Deedee: "Well, let me show you this..." as she walked into the back of her house


I am so EXCITED! Won't that look amazing with a bit of fresh paint and fabulous new fabric?!?

I'm thinking red paint and zebra print. Yes. Maybe a red that will match the sitting chair in my living room.

She sold this chair to me for $15 and threw in the other two small items I had in my hand. I can't talk about those...they are presents.

You're jealous, aren't you?

Don't be...I'm back in my dingy apartment all alone.


MonikaC said...

That is a FABULOUS chair! I never have the patience to sort through garage sales and thrift stores. I should work on that...

The Sixth Sister said...

Ha! good post. but now what am i going to get you for your birthday? I came to your blog in search for you wish glad i did. now i can stop looking for a chair. on to better things.

Supershepherds said...

You amaze me.

Cyd said...

I am DELIRIOUS with jealousy over that chair. I've been working in the French Renaissance period for this next show so I'm hesitant over the idea of zebra print on that fabulous piece... but I'll reserve judgement until I see it!