Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday DAD!

I know, right...he just got to celebrate Father's Day and now it's his birthday! Lucky guy.

Happy Birthday Dad...you are amazing!
Thanks for...

stopping to pick me up when Anne pushed me out of the truck.
letting me "help" at the new house on Saturday mornings.
...and buying me laughy taffy on the way.
waking me up for Seminary.
taking me on High Council assignments.
teaching me to be (mostly) self reliant.
hauling all of my belongings up to my 2nd story apartment...
again & again & again...
hauling my crappy washer out.
hauling the new washer in.
buying me new tires.
great advice.
loving my mom.
loving me.
loving the Lord.
watching over me.

Here with my beautiful mother, my handsome father.
And would you guess he's wearing a Mickey Mouse tie too?!

Happy Birthday!

1 comment:

Anne said...

I DID NOT PUSH YOU OUT OF THE TRUCK! I even screamed at Daddy to stop the truck. Just think, I could have left you at that gas station....