Monday, April 13, 2009

Updates of randomness...

I. Am. Tired.

But to play catch up, here are a few items of randomness:

I (finally) finished crocheting a blanket for my niece Alex.  I have a goal to make blankets for all my nieces & nephews this year.  After making two, I am not sure how realistic that goal is.  Here is Alex's blanket:

I understand she is very fond of the blanket and Caroline even told her it's the good kind of blanket with holes for your fingers!  love it!

I made a cake for my friend's daughter's birthday:

The party had a luau theme and I have it on good authority that the flip flops were a hit!

My back has been hurting pretty bad lately, so I weighed my backpack today...Any guesses on how much it weighs?


Landlocked Shores said...

Dang girl, we just talked and I knew about NONE of this.. other than the tired part. Shoes are uber cute... jealous of the blankie... gotta get box in mail! you will have a fiber stash once ya get it..
My guess on the backpack weight: 35lbs


John IV said...

Oh yeah, backpacks are heavy! I'mma guess yours is 20 to 30 lbs. with books.

Nicole said...

cute blanket and cake. You're awesome!

Jen Thomas said...

My guess- 42 lbs??