Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Green Thumb

I dream of having a bit of earth.  I would plant rows and rows of vegetables and every evening I would pull on my overalls and take my picking basket to the bit of earth and search for treasures.  I would make my own red sauce for pasta, fresh salsa (like only we Shores' can make) and I would try to duplicate that squash casserole Dad made when we were young.  YummY!

Mom told me once that she gardened when she was pregnant with me.  I bet that is why I 
love the smell of soil and the feel of it under my nails.  Who cares that I just got a manicure?  Oh, me...that's why I bought these super cute gloves to 
a) fight breast cancer
b) keep my pointers pretty.

I had a little helper with me today too:

Don't worry, the rake hadn't been used yet.  I am not quite sure why I bought it, I guess I figured I would need it.  Guess I did.

And now finally...the actual proof, I do have a green thumb:

Look how dirty my gloves are after I was finished.  Good thing I had those, hu?!

In total I planted:
(2) bell pepper plants
(2) cucumber plants
(1) tomato plant

I am super excited to see how they do.  Rhett only needs to be fed once or twice a week, I hope I remember to water my patio garden.

I'll post progress reports as things start to grow.

Sister of the Day Award goes to Anne...for answering all my "what in the freak am I doing?" calls.  You rock!  


Leviticus said...

That totally makes me want to plant an herb garden on my balcony! - I hadn't even considered doing so.

Something to consider...

lisag said...

Not so much concerned about the dirt that could be on the rake as much as I'm wondering how sharp it is! I have completely lost all sense of adventure! Love you girl!! ;-)

Supershepherds said...

Once again, you rock. We're just getting ready to plant our garden and I hope my thumb is a little bit green like yours.

Landlocked Shores said...

Cool... I managed to kill the three little pots of herbs I planted inside just a month ago.. oh well.
Oh and I like the Sister of the day award... I need to work on getting it. Do you have a button to present for putting on our blog? LOL