Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fire Ants

Yesterday Brian had a 3 hour layover on his way into Charleston so I met him for lunch.  Just as we were getting ready to return to the airport I walked to the back of my car where Brian was standing.  I put one foot up on the curb/grass to get closer to him and about 1.7 seconds later my left foot was burning.

Yes, I stepped directly into a bed of fire ants.  I of course, did the most graceful and calm freak out of my life...beating my foot half to death trying to kill the ants and ripping my shoes off and beating them against the ground.  It's a good thing I was in a skirt, otherwise I would have ripped my pants off too.  Brian assured me there were none crawling up my legs, but I was not convinced.  

Today is much worse, there are exactly ONE MILLION (yes, one million) fire ant bites between my first and second toes on my left foot.  They are swollen and red and they hurt like hell.  Yes, hell...because that is where fire is and fire ants must also be from hell.

yes, I realize that the red rug accents the redness of the fire ant bites...I think it's a nice touch.


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Landlocked Shores said...

I'm so so so so soooo....sorry! I hate fire ants and know how bad they hurt.
Your pedi looks great by the way!