Thursday, February 19, 2009

John's Birthday Surprise!

A few weeks (or maybe it was months ago) I enlisted my family in yet another birthday experience!  Little bro John turns 30 years old this coming Saturday and I had to think of something extra special...30 is a big year and deserves something just as big.  

Is 30 DOZEN cookies BIG enough for a 30th birthday?  
After making and collecting cookies this week I say YES!

Originally I thought I would be able to deliver the cookies to his office today (a Thursday) (because I don't work on Thursdays) but then I realized carrying 30 dozen cookies and Charley into a busy office in downtown Atlanta might be a bit more of a challenge that I am up for.  So in all my brilliance I made plans to take John to lunch today.  A great idea regardless of the cookies, but the cookies just make it even more fun.

Mom joined Charley, John and I for lunch and we had a great time at the little diner across from his office.  Charley really had a great time watching all the people and surroundings.

After lunch John came back to the Kia with Mom, Charley & I and we gave him his presents.

This is what 30 dozen cookies looks like all wrapped up in boxes:

It was a lot.  But it was fun to see John's reaction and hopefully he was able to share some with his friends at the office.

Check back on Saturday for fun pictures of John to celebrate his actual birthday!

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