Friday, January 16, 2009


Tonight I received an email from Joel Myers at  Here is what he had to say:

Hi Katherine,

Thanks for the WonderHowTo mention on your blog. I actually noticed that 54 people searched WHT for “chrochet a beanie” yesterday; then I found your post on the Internet and put two and two together. Anyhow, I made a little (120x120) widget in honor of you, feel free to put it on your blog or not:

* see widget on my right side column *

It’s a little caption of the video you used, it says, “Be Like Katherine” on top and “Crochet a beanie cap” below. Also, in the next few months we will begin having somewhat “known” people from around the Internet writing text how-tos for WHT. I wonder if you would be interested in writing one on how to crochet a beanie cap?

Have a great weekend.


Joel Myers

Wow, right!  How cool is that!?!?  I am super excited and WAY shocked that 54 of you READ MY BLOG much less that you linked in to ~ incredible!  

And the widget!  So cool.  It's right over there on the right...see!?!

As for writing a text "how to" I will have to see.  School has me bogged down, but this could be great fun.  I am just not quite sure I actually know how to make a beanie.  I am afraid my "how to" would say "if you want to make a beanie cap go here: link" and there you would have it.  We'll see though...seriously, so fun & exciting!

OH, but my original statement still applies...don't make it, buy it from ME (eventually).

Place custom orders TODAY & saVe!


Martha H. said...

That is SO fun. Way to go!

The Sixth Sister said...

Um...Where is the widget? or whatever its called? I dont think i see it!