Thursday, December 11, 2008

Org project

The semester if finally over and to be completely honest I'm a little sad.  I love, love, loved my Org Pub class and am really going to miss working with InDesign & Photoshop all the time.

We had to turn in a final project instead of take a final test.  Our professor gave choices for what the layout could be, but gave us a lot of liberty to do what we wanted.  I had the hardest time thinking of what to do until one day I just thought...I should do it about something I love!  I had already decided the family/little humans were too challenging a topic because it had to be a publication that an actual organization would use and I couldn't tie the two together.  So what would be in the top 5 favs?  SHOES!

I decided to create an auction playbill.  Like a theater playbill would tell all about the show and cast, mine tells about the shoes that are being auctioned off.  Since it's for school we don't have to worry about copy write or anything like that - otherwise this little brochure would have cost a fortune in royalties (Marilyn.) is the layout as I designed it:

Here is what it looks like printed/cut & folded:
(should be stapled, but my stapler's neck is too short.)

If you look carefully, you may find I used your name for inspiration or just plain used your name as a celebrity designer.  I had to be creative and at the end of the semester with 3 other classes and a million other things going on, I needed my friends (even though they were not right beside me) as inspiration.  

I just loved this project, it was so much fun to work on and what a great end product for me to add to my portfolio.  

What is the best part, you ask?  This final project was worth 150 points.  How many points did I receive150 points and an A in the class.

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Martha J. Hutchinson said...

And you totally deserved that A! Way to go!!!