Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Little Humans....

Tonight I got an email from Anne asking for pictures of her little ones so I started searching.  Well, you know me...I have pictures!  I found some dang cute ones of some of the little humans in my life.  SOME of those little humans are still very little, so their "when they were younger" pictures are well...when they are babies and they are mostly just sleeping.  But never fear, I'm sure I will still be wasting my "I need to be studying time" on this blog when it's time to share those pictures in a few years too.

Katie, Caroline & Alex
(sporting t-shirts from my trip to NYC)

(Pretty sure Papa is feeding her something very yummy and she's blowing kisses of it towards someone over there.)

(Miami Vice Baby!)

(oh no!  Sure, it was just Duck Hunt then.)

Papa & Caroline
(aawww, kisses!)

And the bum belongs to...Abbi!
(looking for the kitties at Uncle Justin & Aunt Kelly's)

(can you just eat this little guy up!)

Uncle John, Aunt Jamiee & Tanner

Grumpy T

Maddie & Riah
(you only think Riah is angry...)

OH NO...we are possing for pictures!  
(At the request of Aunt Nicki to be specific.)

This concludes our trip back in time...some from not so far away and others from what seems like ages ago.  Check back often...I have a photo scan project to work on.  Now that is going to be fun!

I so love photos!

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The BirdHouse said...

Man! These pictures of Sarahs kids totally bring back memories. P.S. how absolutely GORGEOUS do you look in your "header" picture?? I.Hate.You.