Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Serving up some SERIOUS!

IF you read my blog (you are brilliant) then you are (very) aware of my previous two exam grades in my Statistics class (100 [go me] & 88 [whatever, it's a B].) Point is that we get to drop our lowest exam grade and we just took our 3rd exam (not the final) last week. Tonight our professor posted grades:

Sorry, it's hard to read, but what that says is that I made a 97 on the 3rd hourly (that is what he calls our in class tests) (odd, they usually take me about 2 hours.) Most importantly the "thresh_A" (again so hard to read) is 76.5 ~ that means that I only have to make a 76.5 on the final to pull an A in the class. And "thresh_B" = 51.5 ~ so doable! Technically, the only reason I am able to do so well is because we get to use a tool sheet. I am a little worried though, I don't think I will be able to fit an example from EVERY problem on the final on my tool sheet. Yikes.

Time to work on that tool sheet!

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