Friday, November 7, 2008

count your many blessings...grammar/etiquette check

A few months ago I wrote about a blog called Seriously So Blessed (SSB). I even put it on my right-hand sidebar for all to enjoy. Now I realize that "enjoy" might be the wrong word all-together!

If you read my blog at all then you know I am studying Communications at KSU right now. And although I do not consider myself the most witty of people, even I can find a chuckle at my own or any other good humor.

Now the reason for my bringing up SSB is that I found myself as of late, being extremely annoyed by her methods of blogging. She writes, and yes, quite witty, but always in the most air-headed tone imaginable intentionally misspelling words. For instance anastasia rather than anesthesia, or rilly instead of really and one of my favorites slash rather than an actual /.

I realize I have never won any spelling bee's in my time, but I was recently getting caught up on my blogs of choice and couldn't stomach reading the remainder of her post. So I went on to Light Refreshments Served and I have to say, I love this blog. These women are intelligent, brilliant and witty! And all without misspelling one single word and none of these women possess any trait (given I only know them from their blog) that would lead me to give them the title of air-headed.

Additionally SSB needs an etiquette check. She is mean and even if all she does is make up these stories she still writes about them and people will still read them...and I don't know about you, but we need a few LESS mean people in the world. And even LESS mean people making mean acceptable! Don't be a hater.

It was at that moment that I realized I had to remove SSB from my sidebar. I cannot be a serious communicator and promote such lack of communication from someone in my blog world, especially someone whose communication leads to mockery and hatred.

To anyone that reads and enjoys SSB, great...promote her on YOUR sidebar. To those that don't have a clue about SSB, great. Check back later, I am sure there will be a more exciting post to read.


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John IV said...

I checked out this blog when you first posted it and could not stand the sophomoric commentary and 3rd grade grammar as well. Good call removing it.