Wednesday, October 1, 2008



I have had such a crazy busy day today that I JUST realized it was October 1 and I LOVE October! It is my fav month of the year and the Georgia weather is so beautiful...I just can't get enough time outside.

Maybe tomorrow there will be something fun to blog about.

Today's SHOUT OUT goes to LEVI who saves my (computer) tush on too many occasions to count and he did it again today. Seriously...I wish I could control other people's computers from far far away! You rock little bro! closing I want to share a little tid bit that my Communications professor shared with us last night. In honor of the continued Petrol Pandemic, he said "don't be a GAS-hole."

He said it, not me!

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Leviticus said...

You know that scene in X-Men when Professor X wheels into Cerebro to enhance his powers? ... I work in Cerebro.