Wednesday, October 29, 2008

KSU Mace...

Last night my Mass Com class went to the Bently Rare Book Gallery in the basement of the KSU library. I love previously loved books, so I was really excited to see what was there.
It was a small room, designed to look like a library in someone's home would have looked in I believe the 1800's. We all sat around and this woman that works in this department told us great stories and showed us fascinating books and newspapers.
Well, the most exciting thing for me was when she told us about the KSU Mace. A mace was a weapon back in the day. All spiky to break through armour:

Ceremonial mace's are more ornate and not intended to kill anyone, but back in the day they were used to "knight" you when you graduated. This mace (below) is sort of small compared to the KSU mace, and much more fancy, but you get the idea.

Well, when you graduate, the actual point when you GRADUATE GRADUATE is when you have walked past the institutions mace, not when you get your (empty) diploma holder. So, we were told that it is tradition/good luck that you touch the KSU mace (which is displayed in the Bently Rare Book Room) you will MOST CERTAINLY GRADUATE!
So I did just that...and had some guy from my class take my picture!

It looks like I am holding a broom stick, but it is really the mace.
Here is a picture of some woman at an actual KSU graduation ceremony holding the mace.
Again, looks like a fancy broomstick, so whatev...she's boring.

Point is, I touched it and I will CERTAINLY GRADUATE...sometime.


Chrissy said...

Hah! That is cool, I didn't know about that...hmm, maybe I should drive up there and walk past it ;) Or better yet drive up there and have a Sidelines night - I miss you!

Ashley W. said...

I love the rare book room at KSU! It's all kinds of fun and cool! I love the pic of you with the mace....HOT! :)