Saturday, September 20, 2008

POST: 8.1: Saturday is a special day...'s the day you get ready for Sunday.

For my get ready activity today, I have done almost nothing I intended to do today, including study. I am watching J&J's girls tonight and am just settling in at the computer to print on some practice tests. Fun times.

I did have to share one thing. I was at Wal*Mart today getting my oil changed and picking up some groceries when I came across this new line of women's clothes by Norma Kamali. I feel in love with this particular's black with huge white lips on the front. $6...I was so excited. I tried to find a picture, but to no avail. I am sure eventually it will show up on my bod in your presence or in a photo that you can see.

That's all I to Statics!

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MonikaC said...

I bought the same shirt!