Saturday, September 27, 2008

POST 15: Petrol

Today I sat at K-Roger, in line to get petrol, for over an hour and then spent the rest of the evening stressed that Sarah had none. When I talk to friends from out of the state, no one seems to know about Atlanta's gas crisis. I know it's minor compared to the financial crisis the United States is having, but it's a crisis to us.

Sonny (right on Governor!) got clearance to use a "dirtier burning fuel" but we have still seen no relief since that allowance from the EPA. THIS is not the best story ever, and HERE are some photos...just to give you an idea.

I agree that there may be some that are rushing to fill up the moment they see/hear that there is petrol somewhere...and then there are the rest of us that fill up when we need to. Either way, it's not a good thing.

For anyone else who is suffering from a petrol shortage, my heart goes out to you. (Shell had some earlier tonight)
For anyone who is complaining about petrol prices, at least you have it.
For anyone who thinks that gas can function should be regulated by the EPA so they all work the same and you don't spill $20 worth of gas all over the ground...stand up and SHOUT IT OUT. I hear ya!

Here's for stricter punishment for parole violators Bob...and world peace!

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Supershepherds said...

This is crazy. My sister up in NC is seeing the same thing, but thankfully, we're okay here in Utah. I don't get it. Hang in there...I hope it gets better fast!