Saturday, September 13, 2008

PAIL LIST & 34 Days Of Posts

I have been doing some thinking...dangerous, I know! There is such little free time in my schedule with school/work/family/fun/church/stuff that I have a hard time focusing and inadvertently end up crossing a meadow of weeds rather than sticking to the path. I realize I create my own path that way, but it tends to take longer.

Anyway, let's get to the point...I am starting a list. I am far too young to be thinking about kicking the bucket, so I can't call it a bucket list. And although PAIL LIST doesn't have near as lovely a ring to it, I'm going with it.

My PAIL LIST will be published on the right column of this very blog with additions being made regularly. This particular post is the beginning of my 34 days of posts.

Why 34 you ask? It is sort of a random number, but I figured 5 posts in a row would be a far cry from impressive and 100 would be a bit out of control, why not go with my's doable! So, this means that for the next 34 days you will have AT LEAST one post a day to be entertained by and if I am feeling particularly giving, you may get more than one. That being said I actually want to wrap THIS post up so I can create two will look far more impressive with multiple posts in one day and I have pictures to share!!!

So...check back regularly over the next 34 days to see what fun and exciting topics I can come up with. Yes, I am sure there will be days that I struggle, but that is what is going to make this so very exciting!


MonikaC said...

I love your pail list. What about putting Italy on your Pail List?

Supershepherds said...

I've said it before and I'll probably say it until the day to kick the pail: You go girl! Love the list. How do you have so much ambition and creativity?

Roemmele Family said...

Great start to the PAIL LIST. I look forward to the other things added to it. Also, I am glad to hear that you will be posting 34 days - I love to read your posts.