Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rafting the Ocoee with Chrissy...

A few weeks ago I convinced Chrissy to come river rafting with me. No, it didn't take much convincing, but she had never gone before so I had to assure her it was nothing but fun. We had a great time and documented it all on one of those uber cheesy water proof disposable cameras. Don't you love those! We both look smok'n hot in the pictures I can't believe I am about to share. Oh well...

Rafting Queens on the bus en route to our put in on the Ocoee. Thanks to our Florida buddies for acting as photogs!:

At the beginning...we were still dry, although I am not sure my helmet is on correctly, what a dork!:

Chrissy IN the Ocoee just floating along "toes & nose! toes & nose!":

Here we were stopped ahead of the rest of our group acting as Safety. Basically meaning that our guide stood up on a rock overlooking the rapid we just went through, ready to throw his rope to the next unfortunate soul that got thrown out:

Here is a shot of our entire raft (thank you guy from the other raft for acting as photog) we were hanging out just past the Olympic run waiting for the safety to bring the guy back to his raft that DID get tossed in that rapid. No, we did not know anyone else in our raft to begin with, but after risking life & limb on the Ocoee we are sure to exchange Christmas cards:

Don't you love how those pictures had to be developed at the store and scanned into the computer?! Do you know how long it has been since I had something other than a digital camera? We are talking years and years and years, I would venture to say almost 10 years even!

Hope you enjoyed that fun trip down memory lane.

Want to get off your butt and out from in front of the television? Go White Water is crazy fun and as long as you pay attention it is not as dangerous as it may seem. Just remember toes & nose! toes & nose!

I have been rafting with both of these rafting companies:
Rolling Thunder River Company
Wildwater Ltd.

check 'em out!

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