Thursday, July 17, 2008

I smell smoke...

This morning I stopped into McD's to purchase a frosty cold beverage for my drive into work. I have been trying to avoid poor choices in food and today I had early lunch plans with Lisa Best so I was skipping breakfast. I know! I know! Moving on.

So I pulled up to the drive thru and waited patiently for the car in front of me to order. He was an older gentlemen, which I only noticed because I looked toward his car after smelling his stinky cigarette. He was busy multi-tasking placing his order for breakfast while taking his last puff on the cig and promptly flicking the used butt out into MY world. Yuck and
gee thanks!

Fine, whatever...kill yourself. But then as he pulled forward to pay for his Egg McMuffin something else caught my eye...a small tube coming from the mans nostrils, then wrapping around his ears. Um, yeah...he was on oxygen. Smoking. Nice.

It reminded me of when I worked at the University of Utah Hospital. The walk into the hospital was lined with patients dragging their IV and oxygen tank out to smoke...all the while with their naked bum hanging out of their hospital gown!


John IV said...

Smoking Kills.


Anne said...

this video is hysterical! smoking stinks.