Sunday, June 8, 2008

Franklin Tennessee SA Conference

This weekend Paige, Susan & I ventured up to Franklin, TN for a SA Conference. Why we torture ourselves, we will never know, but the classes were great and we were able to catch up with friends from all over - so at least there was that. Aside from that a lot of crap went down with my vehicle. Right now the most I will say is that my Kia is still in Franklin and I am in Atlanta (thank you Troy for the ride). Susan is amazing enough to let me borrow her mini van (thank you! thank you! thank you!) and tomorrow I will spend the majority of the day dealing with that situation.
On another note, we went to little old downtown Franklin on Saturday and did a little bargain shopping. Paige and I both found fantastic handbags, but I decided mine was simply too much money, so I passed. We also found fantastic watches and Paige and I split a screaming deal at 2/$25. Here is my find:
Don't you love it? I think it is so pretty...I love the turquoise!
If I am in the mood (which I doubt, but we will see) I might write more later about the Kia. We'll see.

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