Wednesday, May 28, 2008 bid adieu

On this the eve of the first day of the 2008 summer semester I must bid adieu to the brief, but oh so lovely three week "vacation" I took from classes. I realized this week that I have done a poor, poor job keeping up with my blog while I have been on this break from classes, and for that I apologize. Some of you have mentioned it and I know you must be bored if you check in with my silly blog to keep entertained. I will certainly try to do better, although no promises, especially since I am walking into a semester of 9 credit hours. That's a summer semester of 9 credit hours...that's a lot.

To pay tribute to Charisse and her reminder of how much I LOVE a good list, I feel this calls for just such a thing.

List #1: Things I did NOT get accomplished while on summer break

1. Go through boxes sitting on the other side of my bed. Yes, these boxes have been moved from apartment to apartment never having seen the light of day. I have NO idea what lay ahead of me there.
2. Go through closet. It is a sad day when you have to bribe your nieces (thank you Madeline & Sariah) with money to help you hang up the clothes that have created an unnatural rug on the floor - but worse yet is that putting them on hangers and back in the closet does not mean that they are worn any more or fit any better. Time to give to Goodwill.
3. Finish kitchen table. Oh bother...what can I say that has not been said before? This table was a much loved hand-me-down from Kelly McIver and it is a great contribution to my furniture, but a few years ago I tried to strip it so I could stain it. What I ended up doing was making a mess and now I have a multi-colored table and some great table clothes to cover it up. High hopes for that table, high hopes I tell ya.
4. Clean out all of last semesters paper work and garbage from backpack and shelf. Yeah...sad, school starts tomorrow and I can still see the old papers lining the shelf to my right. I am sure that it will get taken care of tonight before I get to bed...or maybe this weekend.
5. Inventory cake goods/clean out/straighten up cake area in kitchen closet: So this is an avalanche of baking pans waiting to happen, right here in the middle of my kitchen. I am guessing I can stack a few more pans up there before they all come tumbling down.
6. Clean bathroom. I need a maid.
7. RELAX. I just don't think I know how anymore.
8. Get a new job.

Okay, now for list #2: Things I DID accomplish while on summer break:

1. Reread
Twilight, New Moon & Eclipse (love love love and I can't wait for book #4)
2. Started another book (key is that this book also had nothing to do with school)
3. Go to the
temple a few times. This is more difficult that I ever thought it would be while in school. When your evenings are occupied beyond your own control, it really limits the time you can spend doing things you actually WANT to do.
4. Sleep. Not a lot, just a little. As a matter of fact, very little. I don't remember another Saturday since the first one after finals when I actually slept in, so I hope that was sufficient enough to get me through, because there is no turning back now.
5. Visit with family. I don't really get much of a chance during school and I am sure they got really sick of me hanging around, but I really enjoyed it.

Okay, so I didn't really get THAT much done, but it is what it is. So now I must bid adieu to the summer break that was relatively non-existent as I embark on yet another semester of school at KSU!

Fighting OWLS!

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Cyd said...

Hooray for lists! I always say, a list is a sign of an organized mind! (Or maybe I say that a list is a sign of a mind in need of organization... that sounds closer.)

Such craziness you've been dealing with! (And I understand COMPLETELY the reading of the unnecessary books...!) Good luck with school - I hope you get at least a little time out in the sun!