Thursday, May 1, 2008

Companies Who Have Just filed Bankruptcy

I'm not sure how true this is, but as I promise not to fill your inbox full of forwards that I cannot verified as true or false, I also feel like this is legitimate enough for me to share with all my friends & loves. Heather sent it to me, and generally speaking, she is a rock, so I will go with it's true over it's false.

(Get on with it already...what is true!?!)

The following Companies Have Just filed Bankruptcy:
Hollywood Video
Sharper Image
Performance Team Freight
Linens n Things
Circuit City
Bed, Bath and Beyond

If you have gift cards from the above list use them ASAP, they will not be valid for much longer.

This public announcement has been brought to you by the letters D, R & B.

D = Dave
R = Ramsey
B = Bankruptcy (and Bad)

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MonikaC said...

Circuit City appears to be very near bankruptcy and as of May 2 Bed Bath & Beyond was doing well according to the NY Times.