Friday, April 25, 2008

Monster Tree

A few weeks ago (before "The B") I was walking to Sci 1101 and of course trying to save time took a shortcut through some building and a parking lot. It was a particularly nice day and I was noticing how all the trees were very green, so full of leaves and so much of nature was talking there little heads off. Then I looked up and saw this tree: was completely out of place with not one single leaf. And it almost looks like a monster standing over something trying to be scary with it's arms outstretched. Creepy, in a really cool way. Well, I didn't have my camera at the time, but it was such a great moment, I went back a few days late and took the picture to share with all of you that read my blog.

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MonikaC said...

I looked at the picture before I started reading, and thought, "What a creepy tree!" Anyway, I love the new title of your blog.