Sunday, April 13, 2008

Confessions of a tired girl...

Today I tried to make ham fried rice. I don't eat fried rice at any Chinese restaurant, so don't ask me why I felt the urge. I have not been sleeping well lately (despite my wonderful new mattress - blame it on the fact that I sleep alone) so I think that has a lot to do with Sunday starting to be more of a dread than my usual comfort day.

Anyway, back to the ham fried rice...about the time I realized I did not have any soy sauce was when I realized this was no fun. I had made a huge mess in my really tiny kitchen, dirtied the same number of dishes it would take to fix Thanksgiving dinner and the ham fried rice was gross. As I sat down to eat my mistake I realized...I do not like to cook as much as I thought I did. I like to bake, sure...but even that is iffy. I mean, I like to creative beautiful masterpieces with the cakes I have baked, but I don't even really like the process of actually baking unless it is something that gets created in the process, like cheese cake.

Maybe it has more to do with the dishes. Take today for instance; I had a kitchen full of dishes and no fruits for my labor. So not only had I wasted (yes, wasted...I threw the ham wanna-be friend rice away) all the ingredients, had a less than tasty meal and THEN I still had to do the dishes.

No, maybe it's the kitchen space. Or lack thereof! I have the smallest kitchen known to man. Ok, I take it back. When I lived in that studio in Sandy, Utah...that was the smallest kitchen known to man...literally...even the stove and fridge were pint sized. So let's take this into perspective...given this is 10 years later, I have the smallest kitchen known to a 33 year old (wo)man. The counter space is less than adequate and the lack of ability to stand in front of the sink while loading the dishwasher is more than irritating. If you are preparing anything you must utilize the space on the stove as well. ugh. You know, my friend Monika, who lives outside of NYC probably even has more counter space than I do.

So, I have simply come to the conclusion that until I graduate from school, have a better job and have moved into a home with a kitchen the size of my liking...I do not like cooking.

Carrying on with the tradition I borrowed from Charisse:

# of times I worked out last week: 2 (1 hour spin class)
# of times I ate after 8pm: 2 (not counting the weekend)


Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

My mom has a teeny tiny kitchen too...she feels the same way you do! You and her should get together to take a cooking class somewhere in a huge kitchen and dream about your future kitchens! And by the way, you're not allowed to hate're way to good at it to ever hate it!

Cyd said...

I totally feel you - my kitchen's small, but OK (you've seen it)... but now imagine trying to cook while navigating around the piles of stuff The Roomate leaves in the kitchen (pans, dishes, bags of garbage). She gets it all out, dirties it all up, and then rushes out in a panic because she's late for something! I cleaned this weekend - but I refused to touch her pans.
Is it any wonder I don't cook?

P.S. We need to plan a trip to Italy. Just pick a date, and go from there - I bet we can sign up for an Italian cooking class once we arrive!