Monday, March 3, 2008


Reese tagged me, and although I have already posted a similar 2-fer list, I shall post again because I am bored.

Two Names You Go By: KD, Katherine
Things You Are Wearing Right Now: blue silky top & black skirt
Two Things You Want in a Relationship: a man and a relationship are good by me!
Two of Your Favorite Things to Do: H2O rafting & sleep
Two Things You Did Last Night: Played with family & slept
Two People You Talked to Last Night: Mom & Jacque
Two Things You're Doing Tomorrow: NOT going to school & visiting my Mom
Two Longest Car Rides: Hobbs, NM to SLC, UT & SLC to Atlanta, GA
Two Favorite Holidays: Christmas (I know...original) & Valentine's Day (pathetic)
Two Favorite Drinks: Diet Dew & Diet Coke
Two Things About Me You May Not Have Known:
Two Jobs I Have Had in My Life: Repossession Administrator & waitress at retirement home
Two Movies I Would Watch Over and Over: Air Force One & The Saint
Two of My Favorite Foods: tuna casserole & extreme moose tracks ice cream
Two Places I'd Rather Be Right Now: Italy & Spain

1 comment:

Cyd said...

Really? Tuna casserole? That must be one heck of a recipe.

We really just have to set a date for a trip to Italy and go for it. Really.