Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Once upon a time in a world we call Wal*Mart
Roaming the house wares department with my shopping cart

I could see her a million miles away
Tony’s long lost friend who had gone astray

She was lovely and bright with holes perfect for draining
I thought for sure there would be no complaining

I picked her up gently by the stainless steel handle
The price tag dangled; at once I detected a red-blooded scandal

Dave Ramsey would say it is too much money
“What about Total Money Make-over, honey?”

Justified I had a perfectly good one in my cupboard
It works fine and free is something I certainly can afford

Days have come and gone since I saw sweet Bella
I still listen to Dave, he’s my money fella

Then one cold January day as a new semester gift
Four little women, one little man and their mom, my spirits did lift

She was red and shinny and did not need training
A colander just waiting to start her job draining

So thank you to Anne, Andrew, Alex, Caroline & Katy
No way would we forget Jacqueline, our newest little lady

p.s. i had my old colander since 1992...that's 16 years!

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