Sunday, November 4, 2007

TAGGED (by Nicki)...and now I'm "it"!

Nicki tagged me and now I'm it. a blog. Huh?
The challenge, should I chose to accept: post
"7 (new) Random Things About Me"
New thing #7...

I just made (for the first time ever!) stuff shells and from the look and smell of it, they will make a mighty tasty lunch this week. Betcha wish this was scratch & sniff computervision, don't cha?

New thing #6...
Aside from the fact that only a single switch controls BOTH the light AND the fan, I love being in my bathroom. It has EVERYTHING to do with my fantastic shower curtain!

Don't be a know you love it!
(Makes you want to go to Rome, doesn't it?)

New thing #5...

I have a great hand-me-down kitchen table & 4 chairs (thanks Kelly Mc). I have tried to strip down the millions of layers of paint on the table, but that's scary and not finished, so no picture. However, I have managed to paint almost all of the kitchen chairs RED! And yes, I did it all on the 2" x 2" pathetic excuse for a patio at my apartment. Good red though, don't cha think?

New thing #4...

I know, technically my apartment is not really new anymore, but I just rearranged the furniture yesterday (Thanks to Anne playing Stacy & Clinton in our own little episode of "What Not to Wear/Keep/Store").

Besides, I have never posted any pics. So...this is #4 because I say so.

New thing #3...

"I'm just a girl who cain't say no, I'm in a terrible fix."

Today at church I was asked if I would teach a class on something (foody) for the holidays.

"Of course, I would love to! As long as it's in December, because then classes will be over."

...sure, let me just fail my classes first and then I will squeeze speaking in church and this class into the first week of what I am sure will be the shortest winter break of all time! Maybe someone can ask me to make a wedding cake or sing in church too.

Honestly, I am happy to share, after all some people aren't as talented as I am. (kidding...already!)

New thing #2...

table lamp...

floor lamp...

they were on sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond (both 50% off) and I thought they were beautiful.

New thing #1

One of my dearest friend's, April is turning 21 (ha!) on Wednesday. And I wrote her a poem to go along with the Wal*Mart gift card I am sending her for her birthday (she left me to live with her husband Antonio in San Antonio - I just like saying Antonio & San Antonio together).

If you think a Wal*Mart gift card is a bad idea, then you are invited not to read the poem. Besides, I wrote it for April and she will get it and it is funny. So there!

April's Poem...

There is nothing like a best friend
Who, if needed, $5000 would lend

Some friends make goodies and cakes
Some friends cozy sweatshirts they take

A perfect partner for a summertime cruise
A perfect ear to tell of the pounds wanting to lose

The hours we spent surfing
Searching profiles of every Peter, Paul & Tom

Girls night out just simply isn’t the same
Scarlett doesn’t make good company looking for my flame!

New friends don’t get it; none have your kind heart
Nor the desire to spend endless nights at Wal*Mart

Now you’ve found your knight in shining armor
Thank you…he is quite the charmer

Friday nights you can find me talking to strangers
Roaming the aisles of Wal*Mart tempting danger

My life can’t compare not having you near
Wandering thru Wal*Mart shedding a tear

So for your birthday it only seems fair
Wal*Mart shouldn’t be a place of such despair

As you wander the aisles exploring the clearance
Think of the time I made an appearance
Happy Birthday!

The End

...TAG, you're it!

Kristen & Adam

Crystal & Ezra

Heidi & Travis

Monika & Raul's time you share your crazy with the rest of the world.

and anyone else who wants to play along.

A warning: it is more challenging than you would think to find 7 news & random things!

Good luck.


Landlocked Shores said...

If any of you made the choice not to read the WM poem I will have to personally hunt you down and force you to ride a motorized wheelchair around the local WM store for 7 laps! Love it... Now my tag looks boring.

The WM Sister!

Katherine said...

ha! 7 laps in a motorized wheelchair...i totally want to do that.

oh, and yeah...i had to add lots of fun & pics to my 7 :)