Thursday, November 1, 2007

Missing: Nap Time

Last night, after anxiously sitting through a math lecture in order to be in class to take the 10 point extra credit quiz, visiting the Parental Unit for a little Trick or Treating, stopping by Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up milk (which I inadvertently forgot to purchase)...I finally made it home to Rhett & Scarlett (who had gone to bed without me).

Exhausted, but bed only after trying on the pants I picked up at the Mart to the Wal.

That does it, I am dropping out of school and going back to the gym.

Anyway, I finally manage to complete my nightly ritual (you know, put the clothes that I put on the bed that morning back into their baskets and onto the floor/chair/ironing board - which has magically reappeared after I am SURE I put that thing back on the hangy things this morning!).

Where was I? Oh bed finally cleared off, face washed, teeth brushed and all those other "before bed tasks" are taken care of I finally crawl into bed exhausted!

What next?


Not a single thing. I just lay there...

1 sheep...
2 sheep...
3 sheep...

Who really counts sheep? It does not work!

I eventually doze off only to wake up at some ridiculous 4:07am ~ craZy! I fall hard this time and sleep soundly until I wake up for the 3rd time to sleep walk my way to hit snooze on my alarm clock.

Who set the radio alarm to 99X so irritatingly early in the morning?!

No big surprise that at this point it is 8:13 and I am officially late and have not even had a shower. We're in a drought and all, but I still have to bathe, at least today.

I do manage to leave my apartment by 9:ish and to the office moments before 10am.

Haven't stopped running since.

I ask myself,

"Self, what is the point to this little rant?"

The point is this...where has nap time gone? Seriously! It is 2:37pm right now, I have managed to have a snack bag of Chips Ahoy cookies for lunch because it is the only thing in my drawer at work and all i really want to do is take a nap.


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