Thursday, October 4, 2007

Arab Republic of Egypt

Last night in Communications 1109 we (group 2) presented our findings on the Arab Republic of Egypt. I can't say that the prep for the presentation went as smoothly as I had hoped, but all in all it turned out great.
Our professor gave us the option of dressing up or coming in business attire...well, you know we couldn't present Egypt and show up looking like a bunch of American' here we are all dressed up (w/prof).

Professor Hall LOVED IT! She said she has not had a group so enthusiastic since her first semester teaching. I hope that gives us an "A"
For those of you who are thinking that the Roman soldier looks a little out of place, that is our "Mark Anthony"...who, if you know your Egyptian history, was quite an important figure in Egypt during the time of Cleopatra (as you can see we have all the Cleopatra's we can handle).
We all got rave reviews and had a great time playing "Name That Symbol" with hieroglyphics.
Mom made my costume and more than one person said "you can't buy a costume like that!"
Prof Hall said "tell your Mom she is very talented"
Thank you Mom!

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Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

You guys look great! You should save that costume and wear it at Halloween this year. I hope you get an A on your project!

Love & miss you!!!