Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Snorer on campus...dun, dun, dunnn!

Last week I was on campus early (necessary evil...parking. ugh!) and decided to go to the library. Studious of me, isn't it? I found a cube and camped out for what I thought would be a productive 45 minutes of Math Modeling homework (some of us don't need Algebra to apply to our degree program!) .

About 7.5 minutes into my very focused math studies the guy next to me started snoring. Yes, snoring! I kept thinking "does that bother the guys sitting on the other side of him?" So I made a little noise thinking that it might just jolt him a little and he would realize he was snoring in the middle of the LIBRARY! You know...that TI-83 calculator wasn't a waste of money after all...

Calculator purchased in the KSU bookstore to complete math homework...$108.98
Diet Coke I purchased in the KSU bookstore to drink during class...$1.50
Noise the calculator makes when dropped on desk next to the snoring student...PRICELESS!

Needless to say it took a few tries and I even threw in a little fussing around with my snack bag for extra effect.

At the point that I was packing up my bag - giving up on my math homework and retreating to the math lab for some official help - the snorer awoke and asked if his snoring bothered me. Nah, I love snoring...it is like a lullaby...calm as the ocean waves...throw in a few squawking seagulls and I will be singing the zzz's myself. Obviously not serious, but once he explained he had worked all night long and come straight to school and hadn't had any time to sleep...and and and...I did feel a little sorry for the guy. (just a little, after all, he did interrupt my library experience).

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