Monday, August 6, 2007

Destin Or BUST!

Before Miss April became Mrs April we had to take a trip to the beach!
Fill 'r up!
"Look, we have noodles!!! Wow, it's really hot in this elevator!"
No wonder it was so hard to push this thing...flat tire!
(notice the case of DC...priorities, priorities!)
Room with a view...Nicole did GOOD!
My girls are sooo amazing ~ they surprised me with a birthday cake!
Everyone needs friends like mine!
Laura & Katherine
Point the way ~ we came to sit in the sand & sun
Nicole, Lisa & April beach bound!
Wow! So gorgeous!
April's t-shirt...notice the ghost Heather on the right?
She couldn't make it...darn jump seat!
"The Loan Noodle!"
It is Heather' sad.
Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri anyone?
April, Lisa, Laura, Katherine & Nicole
"America's Hot Virgins!" - the waiter

the waiter...what's his name again?
The HOV Crew
Lisa, Nicole & Katherine
April & Lisa - hey, where's the other blond?
"are my legs more tan than yours?
Oh, there she is...our southern belle
Blond #3: Laura!

self portrait
"the brunettes!"
pouty pretties
me, Lisa & Laura
Nicole, Lisa & Laura
(April must have been trying on her lingery during this photo shoot)

The bachelorette!
April's Bachelorette Brew
we know how to party...

I love this picture creative you are.
Silly faces...aren't we mature!
Just because we are all grown up,
doesn't mean we are not still young at heart.

Oooh...looky looky!

The official drink of the HOV Club
"...hey, where are my lemons & limes?"

Saying good-bye to's been fun girls!
Atlanta here we come!

Atlanta bound...stuck in TRAFFIC, goofing off!
ah, traffic
just in case
put that thing away!
Let me introduce you to Rhett & Scarlett
Pucker up!
Obviously being in the car makes us crazy, or maybe Lisa was getting ready for David ;)

Wow...what a look!
We love you Laura.

Thank you was a trip to remember and the sound track echo's through my car daily!
Heather, we missed you. Next time you will need a reservation.
And to all the other HOV'ers ~ we missed you too!!

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