Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sister Megan Moses...Temple Square

A few weeks ago April & I were in Salt Lake City for our dear friend Heather's wedding (post & pictures to follow). While there, we scheduled a "stalking" of our very favorite sister missionary, Sister Megan Moses. What a treat! We knew she would be at the Beehive House that afternoon, but lucky us we ran into her at the South Visitors Center on our way to tour the new Conference Center (post & pictures to follow). Eventually we made our way back to the Beehive House and with strict instructions to "behave" we were permitted to take the tour with other visitors.
Sister Moses was much fun to see her in action. She asked us to sing with she and her companion to the others on the tour after they bore their testimonies. The spirit was so strong, it really was a great experience.
Sister Moses is still our own little Megan, as she often reminds me we need to go ahead and plan our beach trip for early 2008 since she will be coming home around Feb. One thing I will never forget she told me after she arrived at Temple Square, she said every night is like a slumber party! The perfect place for her.

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